Join me, Amanda Brown, business consultant and founder of Homepreneur, for this 4-part FREE VIDEO training and discover how to manage your time for optimal
 work-life balance and increased revenue
Introducing the TIME MANAGEMENT 
We all have the same 24 hours a day, so why is it that some people manage to get so much done? In an always-connected world, overloaded with so much information, it's tempting to work all the time. I'll show you tried and tested strategies to save you time and increase revenue.

In this 4-part video training I'll show you how to
Work Smarter, Not Harder 
with practical steps to increase your productivity. 
  • How setting targets is key to success
  • The importance of carrying out a Time Audit
  • The right mindset is crucial to being productive
  • How time efficiency increases productivity
During this practical video training sent via email you will learn:
Over the past 20 years of running my own business, I have researched and trialed many different approaches to time management and would like to bring you the lessons I have learnt for balancing my professional and personal life.